Hand Crafted Brick and Slate Framed ND Logo


Handcrafted framed ND logo

Weight: 28 lbs
Height: 28 in
Width: 29.5 in

For tax purposes: you may deduct $1,320.00 as a donation to the Center For the Homeless.

Note: Due to the nature of this brick, there will be color variations among different pieces.

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In its earliest years, Father Edward Sorin and the Brothers of Holy Cross made a distinctive yellow-buff construction material known as “Notre Dame brick”.

When Corby Hall was demolished, we were able to rescue and repurpose thousands of these 130-year-old bricks, as well as thousands of pieces of roof slate from the newly rebuilt Corby Hall.

From these materials, the guests (residents) at the Center For the Homeless in South Bend have created a licensed piece of art in a limited edition of 500. These beautiful framed Notre Dame art pieces capture the spirit of Our Lady’s earliest history.

This venture is designed to enable guests (residents) to transition themselves back into the work setting by earning a competitive wage while working and living alongside fellow guests, volunteers, and a small staff. This venture also demonstrates that people experiencing homelessness can help create beautiful pieces of art that are both unique and functional. Guests learn the necessary skills to create this licensed Corby Bricks of Notre Dame piece of art, and each piece of brick and slate on your framed art was cleaned, sealed, and glued on by our guests at the Center. Finally, all profits from this venture will go into creating innovative ways to break the cycle of homelessness.

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 29.5 × 28 in

This is a natural product that will contain color variations and slight fading over time.


28 lbs






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