1. Is the cost to ship my ND Logo piece included in the price?
Yes, shipping anywhere in the US is included in the price of each piece.
2. Can I take the $1,312 off my taxes as a donation to a not-for-profit?
Yes, the Center For the Homeless is a 501(c)3 organization and the $1,312 is a donation to the Center.
3. Will I receive a separate letter for tax purposes of my donation?
No, since the $1,312 tax donation amount is on the website, the IRS will accept a copy of the website page as proof of the donation amount to the Center For the Homeless.
4. I'm sending this Notre Dame Logo piece of art as a gift to someone. Can I include a message from me to that person?
Yes, on the checkout page you can enter a message in the notes box at the bottom of the page. Your message will be submitted with the rest of the order.